Two love tracks in full flow

Two love tracks in full flow Two love tracks in full flow

After the successful show Bigg Boss now starmaa people planned for Bigg Boss OTT and it is throwing in a lot of surprises to all the audience. Tejaswini got eliminated yesterday shocking everyone who follows the Bigg Boss OTT. On the other hand, there are two love tracks that have kept the audience entertained and engaged with the show.

One track is between actor Ajay and Mithraw Sharma. And  this was revealed in the weekend show by Bindu with nagarjuna when she told that Mithraw has a huge crush on Ajay but he is not giving  importance to her as bindu said.

On the other hand, Ashu Reddy has a crush on Akhil and has revealed it to the housemates. But Akhil is keeping a distance from Ashu by saying that he is already in love with someone else. \

The cat and mouse game is on and we need to see how long will these one-sided love stories last in the show.